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    Richard Tames

    The history of the City of London is at the heart of the history of Britain. This book is a remarkable encapsulation of its history up to modern times, complemented by an array of splendid pictures.

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    The history of the City of London is at the heart of the history of Britain. The Romans founded London nearly 2000 years ago at a point on the Thames where there was fresh water and a suitable site for a bridge to move troops and supplies from the south. Abandoned by the Romans and, so far as we know, by the Saxons in early medieval times, London nevertheless flourished as a trading city under the Normans; the city then had at least 100 churches, plus St Paul's cathedral. Severely bombed in the forties, the City reinvented itself to maintain its dominant commercial position in the world. Richard Tames tells this dramatic story in this detailed book, aided by numerous illustrations.
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    Historical Publications (10/11/1995)
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    0 948667 31 1

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