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Broadband connection

All of the buildings / cabinets listed are currently enabled for superfast broadband provision. To find out more about how to connect to these services follow the relevant links. For all Internet Service Providers (via Openreach network), follow the steps at the bottom of the page.

List of areas already connected to Superfast Broadband

Building Network Provider Telephone / website
Barbican Estate Vision Fibre Media 020 7112 8615
Vision Fibre media
Temple Chambers Openreach* See below for details
1 Alie Street Hyperoptic 0333 332 1111
Hamilton House Openreach* See below for details
1-5 London Wall Buildings Venus Internet 020 7240 5858
65 London Wall Openreach * See below for details
Middlesex St Estate Openreach* See below for details
Golden Lane Estate Openreach* See below for details

*Connect via your Internet Service Provider

Areas connected to superfast broadband

Areas covered Cabinet location Network Provider Website / contact
Threadneedle Street
Royal Exchange Buildings Openreach* Details below
Middlesex Street
New Street
Artillery Lane
Bishopsgate Openreach* Details below
Giltspur Street
Holborn Viaduct
Giltspur Street (South) Openreach* Details below
Cannon Street
Bread Street (South)
Bread Street
Bow Lane
Cannon Street
Queen Victoria Street
Watling Court
Watling Street
Cannon Street
Bread Street
Openreach* Details below
Fortune Street
Whitecross Street
Golden Lane
Lever Street Openreach* Details below
Giltspur St (North) Giltspur St
West Smithfield
Hosier Lane
Cock Lane
Smithfield St
Bartholomew Close
Little Britain
Openreach* Details below
Long Lane
Middle Street
Cloth Street
Cloth Fair
Long Lane
Cloth Street
Openreach* Details below
High Timber Street
High Timber Street
Openreach* Details below
Aldersgate St Aldersgate Street
Glasshouse Yard
Openreach* Details below
Barbican Estate Shakespeare Tower
Lauderdale Tower
Cromwell Tower
Willoughby House
The Postern
Andrews House
Speed House
Gilbert House
Defoe House
Bunyan Court
Ben Johnson House
Thomas More House
Mountjoy House
Lambert Jones Mews
Seddon House
Brandon Mews
Bryer Court
John Trundle Court
Openreach* Details below
Leadenhall St Leadenhall St
Leadenhall Market
Lime St
Openreach* Details below
Middlesex St Middlesex St
Gravel Lane
Openreach* Details below

*Connect via your Internet Service Provider

To connect to superfast broadband via BT Openreach's follow these steps

  1. Visit Openreach
  2. Scroll down the page and enter your full landline or postcode in the search box
  3. You will then be asked to select your full address from the 'Address Check' box
  4. You should then see a message telling you if you can order a fibre service - if you can you will be asked to 'Get in touch with your service provider'. Remember you can always change ISP depending on what is available to you!
  5. If fibre is not yet available to you, you will see information about BT Openreach plan for connectivity in your area.