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Broadgate Circle

Broadgate circle in construction

Project team

Developer: British Land and Blackstone
Architect:Arup Associates
Mechanical and Electrical:Dornan
Structural Consultant: Arup Associates


Broadgate Circle was originally designed in the 1980s to be the civic hub of the Broadgate development; containing a number of retail units as well as hosting a number of events throughout the year including an Ice Rink in the winter months. The redevelopment of the Circle was intended to revitalise the area and make it more open and accessible. The scheme provides 45 000 square foot of retail spaceto house eight restaurants and cafes, a terrace bar, on-the-go kiosk eateries and a new leisure hub for the area as well as revamping the central performance space to create an area which is far easier to navigate and enjoy.

Our role

We were first consulted about the project in 2012 when it was still in the early stages of development. We worked with the design and construction teams to ensure that any difficult issues were resolved before they become a problem. Through liaising closely with the design team and good communication, we were able to come up with a number of design solutions that satisfied all the parties involved. By undertaking regular site inspections we were able to ensure a high quality of workmanship.

If you are considering taking a retail unit in the Broadgate Circle or considering similar work, we are happy to assist you with any Building Regulation queries you may have and offer free pre-application advice. Please call 020 7332 1000 or email the District Surveyor's Office.

Our staff

Project Surveyor: Jon White
M&E Engineer: Gordon Dewar
Drainage Engineer: Paul Stavers

28 February 2014
Last Modified:
06 August 2019