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The Lloyds Building

Lloyds Building

Project team

Architect Richard Rogers Partnership


The iconic Lloyds building, constructed in 1986, is now Grade 1 listed. The building is very unusual in having the stairs and services on the 'outside' of the building including the very first glass wallclimber lifts. The building houses the Lloyds insurance market, founded in the 17th century. Despite being very modern, the building houses the 18th century Robert Adam dining room, moved piece by piece from the Lloyds 1958 building. ​

Our role

As well as inspecting the building when first constructed, we have been involved in every piece of building work in the building since then. Lloyds trust only the City of London District Surveyors to carry out building control in the premises and 25 years working together has built up a culture of trust and cooperation. Our knowledge of the insurance market helps us to understand the needs of insurance clients with premises elsewhere in the City of London.

If you are contemplating constructing a new building or undertaking alterations to an existing building, we would be happy to assist you with any Building Regulation queries you may have and offer up to free pre-application advice. Please call 020 7332 1000 or email the District Surveyor's Office.

Our staff

Project Surveyor: Tim Munday
M&E Engineer: Geoff Gear
Drainage Engineer: Paul Stavers

02 December 2014
Last Modified:
14 May 2019