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Tower 42

A view looking up at Tower 42 from Bishopsgate

Project team

Architect: Richard Seifert


Originally completed in 1980 and known as the NatWest Tower, this was the tallest building in the UK until 1990. It remained the tallest building in the City of London for over 30 years.

Occupied by NatWest’s international division until 1996 until it was refurbished and sold. It is now a multi tenanted office building, with two restaurants. It's iconic design of three leaves, which closely resembled the NatWest logo from above, allows multiple tenants on each floor.

Our role

We have been heavily involved in the building throughout it’s life. We were there at the start, inspecting the construction, from the foundations to the cladding to the services. We were there in 1993 when the IRA bomb damaged the building, assessing it for damage, and at the subsequent repair and recladding. We were there at the major refurbishment to convert it to multi-tenant use and at the addition of the large reception space in Old Broad Street.

More recently we have been involved in tenant fit outs and alterations, and landlord’s lift refurbishments.

If you are contemplating constructing a new building or undertaking alterations to an existing building, we are happy to assist you with any Building Regulation queries you may have and offer free pre-application advice. Please call 020 7332 1000 or email the District Surveyor's Office.

Our staff

Project Surveyor: Phil Segger
M&E Engineer: Gordon Dewar
Drainage Engineer: Paul Stavers

27 March 2015
Last Modified:
14 May 2019