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Fees and charges apply, particularly if you need

  • A specific location
  • Policing
  • Hoarding and scaffold licenses
  • Road closures and street cleansing
  • Parking dispensations, plus additional parking enforcement and bay suspensions
Fees and charges
Requirement Major Event
(requiring a road closure)
Minor Event
Application fee £350 £75
Temporary Traffic
Regulation Order
£2,250 No charge
Dispensation £33 per day per vehicle £33 per day per vehicle
Hoarding license £55 £30
Vehicle removal and enforcement At cost +15% administration fee At cost +15% administration fee
Cleansing At cost +15% administration fee At cost +15% administration fee

Requests to waive fees will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, which will be subject to a separate report to City Elected Members.

Before applying

Read the guidelines (125KB) and details of fees and charges (120KB)


Complete the Special Event Application Form (645KB) and submit it with any relevant documents, such as risk assessments and public liability insurance, to the Events team.

Other things to consider

Road Closures
Road closures require 12 week-notice.

The grant of a licence is not always guaranteed and an event cannot take place without a valid licence.

Street Trading
This includes trading on pavements and private land to which the public have a right of access and is not generally permitted in the City.

Busk in London is a new scheme to help street performance flourish in London and tells you everything you need to know about busking in the capital in one place. It has been developed by a Busking Taskforce that includes street performers, councils, the police, businesses and Transport for London. While busking is not permitted in the City of London, it is allowed in many other London boroughs.


Contact Larry Costa
020 7332 3037
Email: Events Team